Just So Festival 2016 Highlights

The entrance to Just So Festival (thumbnail)

Just So Festival this year takes place on 19th, 20th, and 21st August. Families from Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas will flock to Rode Hall in Cheshire to take part in this fantastically fun festival in the great outdoors. . . . → Read More: Just So Festival 2016 Highlights

Packed To Perfection | Competition

season 2016 travel toys at Giddy Goat (thumbnail)

Travel toys for girls and boys

With the long school holidays just around the corner, parents everywhere are starting to think about how to keep the kids entertained for the duration. For most children and families, the highlight of the summer break will be their family holiday; be that a fortnight in the sun, . . . → Read More: Packed To Perfection | Competition

Just So Festival 2015 Preview

In the Spellbound Forest | Just So Festival

There’s something rather special happening in the wilds of Cheshire this summer; something you shouldn’t miss, something entirely magical, mysterious and most marvellous – the Just So Festival! . . . → Read More: Just So Festival 2015 Preview

Giddy Goat Gives Santa a Hand

Toys and Presents at Giddy Goat, Didsbury, Christmas 2014

Christmas comes but once a year, which is lucky because it’s normally a manic whirlwind of buying, wrapping, baking, decorating and excessive festive fun. I adore Christmas, but I hate being buffeted about in big shops and queuing for hours at the till. I love small, independent shops like Giddy Goat Toys in Didsbury. . . . . → Read More: Giddy Goat Gives Santa a Hand

Just So Festival 2014

Just So Festival | Gruffalo

For the last five years, families across the North West (and beyond) have been enjoying the magical, mystical and mysterious delights of the Just So Festival. The festival is held annually each August at the stunning Rode Hall Estate near Congleton in Cheshire. . . . . . → Read More: Just So Festival 2014

A field full of foodie fabulousness at the Tatton Foodies Festival 2014

Freshly cooked sugary-hot churros straight from the fryer | Foodies Festival at TattonPark, 2014

We’re always on the look out for interesting days out for our little family; things that will entertain us all and help broaden our horizons. We really enjoy pottering around local farmers markets, trying new things, meeting small producers and helping to support our local economy. When we heard that the Foodies Festival was coming to Tatton Park we couldn’t resist getting tickets and seeing what all the fuss was about. . . . → Read More: A field full of foodie fabulousness at the Tatton Foodies Festival 2014

Pause for thought

School Children with a Globe

Having spent the morning at St. James, I was left with a wonderful impression of a small, happy school doing exceptional things. It’s a school with a distinct philosophy and ethos, backed by firm academic standards and a proven record of success for their children. It’s not a school for everyone, but I think it’s a school my son would be very happy in. . . . → Read More: Pause for thought

The Gruffalo at The Lowry

Gruffalo at TheLowry - Classic Picture

The Gruffalo play (musical stage adaptation by Tall Stories) is simple but so much fun. It features a cast of three and lasts for an hour, which is long enough for the audience largely made up of the under 5’s and their parents. . . it is a brilliant Easter treat for families. . . . → Read More: The Gruffalo at The Lowry

Scooby Doo The Musical at The Lowry

Scooby-Doo & The Mystery of the Pyramid |The Lowry

It’s a great piece of Easter half term entertainment for any Scooby loving kids (and adults). The audience was rapt and clearly loved every minute of it. It was a bit scary, but it wouldn’t be Scooby Doo if someone wasn’t in peril at some point. . . . → Read More: Scooby Doo The Musical at The Lowry

What Giddy Goat Got at the Toy Fair

Giddy Goats Toys Shop (Didsbury, Manchester) Logo

The last few years have been tough on the high street with retailers and small businesses really struggling. In South Manchester, we are lucky enough to have a brilliant range of small, independent retailers on our doorstep, but just how are they fairing in the current climate? Jane Arschavir visited Giddy Goat Toys owner . . . → Read More: What Giddy Goat Got at the Toy Fair