30 Hours Free Childcare | A Parent’s guide to the new government scheme

Currently, all 3 & 4 year olds in England are entitled to receive 570 hours of free early years education each year – this is known as the 15 hour, 38 week “universal” offer. The entitlement usually kicks in at the beginning of the school term after a child reaches their third birthday. From September 2017, this entitlement is doubled to 1,140 free hours annually for some working families. This new offer is known as the 30 hours free childcare scheme. . . . → Read More: 30 Hours Free Childcare | A Parent’s guide to the new government scheme

Nina’s New Nursery

Nina's new nursery - outdoor area

Nina Stones, local businesswoman and mother of two, answers M&D questions about her new project – opening her fourth nursery, located in Cale Green, Stockport. . . . → Read More: Nina’s New Nursery

Kids’ Country Day Nursery Open Day For All

Kids Stage | Kids Country Open Day Nursery

Kids’ Country Day Nursery invites parents to attend the forthcoming open day on Saturday 27th June 2015, 11am to 3pm. Parents will be given the chance to explore the unique nursery in its beautiful rural setting and talk to the staff about day to day life at the nursery. . . . → Read More: Kids’ Country Day Nursery Open Day For All

How Good Is Wood?

Woodwork in Early Years Education

Woodwork is a perfect activity where boys and girls from age three can learn effectively. Benefits include physical development as muscles become stronger when children vary the force they use and development of hand-eye coordination. Fine motor control is needed to hold nails in place. Personal, social and emotional development is supported as children demonstrate deep levels of involvement when undertaking woodwork: perhaps because it seems a ‘real’ task and is truly challenging. They develop problem solving abilities; discuss the rules and safety, enhancing communication and language development. Self-esteem is boosted as children feel pride in their hard-won achievements. . . . → Read More: How Good Is Wood?

How making a Wormery supports your child’s early years education

How To Make Wormary | Adding Worms to the Container

How building a wormery enhanced learning opportunities for the children aged 2-3 who took part across the 3 main ‘prime’ and 4 ‘specific’ areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. . . . → Read More: How making a Wormery supports your child’s early years education

Kids Allowed Open Days

Kids Allowed invite you to come along to open days at their Knutsford, Macclesfield, Cheadle and Stockport centres. . . . → Read More: Kids Allowed Open Days

Do you care?

Park Foster Care Logo

Park Foster Care, an independent fostering agency based in Cheshire, has devised and implemented its own unique fostering course called the ‘Park Parenting Approach’. . . If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming a foster carer with Park Foster Care, please contact the recruitment team. . . . → Read More: Do you care?

Kidsunlimited Day Nurseries Open Day

KidsUnlimited Open Day | 20 Sept 2013

Kidsunlimited day nurseries are holding a UK-wide Open Day on Friday 20th September. Come to see the nursery and meet the team. Register at the Open Day and you’ll get your registration for FREE! . . . → Read More: Kidsunlimited Day Nurseries Open Day

The Terrible Two’s

Child ready to play outside

Two year olds like to be independent. Getting independence is not an easy task. Life is quite demanding at the age of two. What you have to remember is that every child is different and will learn and grow at his or her own pace. . . . → Read More: The Terrible Two’s

We are not bad parents, after all…

Modern parents are spending more time with kids then previous generation

More then one in ten parents of 6 to 10-year-olds believe they only manage to give full attention to their child ‘once or twice a week or less’ – according to a new survey revealing the major time-related stresses English families face. This rises to almost one in five among parents of ten year olds. . . . → Read More: We are not bad parents, after all…