The Challenges Parents Face when their Child Starts Nursery

Stacey Turner

Is your child starting nursery or pre-school in 2018? Are you nervous about them starting nursery? Is your child anxious about the change ahead or struggling to settle in to nursery after starting in September? Top tips for parents from the author of ‘I’m Going To Nursery’ . . . → Read More: The Challenges Parents Face when their Child Starts Nursery

‘Mummies aren’t mean to cry’

These rather poignant words were uttered by a tearful 38 year old woman at my Clinic in Manchester. She was in fact quoting her bewildered youngest child who had found her bawling her eyes out one afternoon when everything just got too much. . . . → Read More: ‘Mummies aren’t mean to cry’

What Makes a Good Children Lawyer?

Sad little boy hearing his parents arguing (thumbnail)

Sometimes court has to intervene in a child’s life. Then, who represents the children and what skills are required to represent a child? Find out in our article. . . . . . → Read More: What Makes a Good Children Lawyer?

Tis the season… to be perfect?

Perfect Christmas tree (thumbnail)

It’s that time of year again. The pressure to be perfect is never felt more acutely than at Christmas-time, when it seeps insidiously from the cover of every magazine and newspaper from November through to January, as we are all urged to make this year the ‘best ever’.

Of course, it is not just . . . → Read More: Tis the season… to be perfect?

It’s Not Fair!!!

Angry Siblings (thumbnail)

As children move out of toddlerhood, they should be starting to learn to control their anger – but between the ages of five and ten, they are still incompetent emotion managers. This means that they are still likely to find it difficult controlling and expressing their anger appropriately.
Common reasons for kids anger, ways they demonstrate it and techniques teach them to express their emotions more effectively and to communicate and controll their distress. . . . → Read More: It’s Not Fair!!!

Whizzy Whizzy Bang Bang

Boy doing homework at the computer (thumbnail)

Modern homework is less about getting books out and sharpening pencils as firing up the computer and getting to grips with Google… But is it good for kids? Combined with all the instant and engaging (but soundbite-short) technology around them, our kids are growing up with ever-decreasing attention spans and thresholds for boredom… They are getting bored more easily and lack the skills to cure their ennui themselves. . . . → Read More: Whizzy Whizzy Bang Bang

Programmed to Be Kind

Toddler sharing a toy

Encouraging kids to be kinder has so many benefits for both the giver and receiver that it may well be the best skill to send your child off with at the start of the new academic year. And because kindness spreads, just imagine what your child could begin this year! . . . → Read More: Programmed to Be Kind

Recipe for Staycation

Kids playing at the waterside at Mersey Vale Nature Park

My recipe for the best summer ever? Pour in lots of chill out time, a healthy mix of friends and social opportunities with peers, sprinkle in a few family adventures, and maybe add a decadent topping of a day club or two. Stir well and enjoy! . . . → Read More: Recipe for Staycation

Bouncing Back

Toddler Girl tries to put her boots on| Raising Resilient Kids

Five tips on how to build your child’s resilience . . . → Read More: Bouncing Back

Fly me to the moon

Overprotective Parent Wrapping a Child in Bubble Wrap

The overprotective instincts of modern parents are destroying children’s independence, confidence and self-esteem trapping them in a fearful dependency from which they might never escape. . . . → Read More: Fly me to the moon