U Music TV Kapow’s Cartoons

U Music TV channel logo - small

One dad’s view on music videos for kids and U Music TV, a new TV channel designed for for children to enjoy music videos. . . . → Read More: U Music TV Kapow’s Cartoons

Let our kids be bored!

Daydreaming Girl (small)

I have a confession to make. I regularly let my kids get bored. In today’s stimulation-rich tiger-mum environment, I feel that such a confession is likely to send me to the bottom of the class in the eyes of my fellow parents who seem hell-bent on providing such an enriching environment for their offspring . . . → Read More: Let our kids be bored!

Looking For The Real Father Christmas

Children playing at the Christmas tree

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein.

Inspecting a school on a dreary day at the end of November, I entered the Reception classroom and took the only adult chair available, which happened to be next to a little girl sitting on her own. She looked curiously at my white . . . → Read More: Looking For The Real Father Christmas

Festival Fusion

Brief history of Halloween for kids. These days, Halloween may be one coherent celebration, but a whole mix of (sometimes opposing) cultures and traditions has gone into making it the festival we know and love today. . . . → Read More: Festival Fusion

Squelchy Dirt, Daisy Chains and The Long Holidays

Mum with a child walking along the beach

Research shows a lot of kids never experienced simple outdoor activities like walking through the mud, kicking up autumn leaves or climbing the trees comparing to the older generation. Use the long holidays to provide these experiences to your children. . . . → Read More: Squelchy Dirt, Daisy Chains and The Long Holidays

Friends of South Park, Cheadle Hulme

Friends of South Park

‘Friends of South Park’ is a small community group formed by local mums with the aim to improve the recreational, environmental and educational facilities of South Park (Grove Lane, Cheadle Hulme) . . . → Read More: Friends of South Park, Cheadle Hulme

Adam’s Tale

Sensei Phil Patrick (OSTMA) with His Students

One of the most important developments in early childhood is the onset of the capacity to control ourselves and ultimately, achieve self-control and discipline. This is different from the control which is imposed by outsiders like parents and teachers. As children grow into independence, the opportunities to impose discipline diminish dramatically. . . . → Read More: Adam’s Tale

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t…

Helen Lewis | me and macy

Motherism prejudice hits stay-at-home mums where it hurts and working mums criticised for parenting approach and “lack of focus“. Can women ever win this war? Ultimately shouldn’t we, ”be celebrating that women have choices now”? . . . → Read More: Damned if you do and damned if you don’t…

Father Figure

Father Figure | Cardboard Box Play 2

The womanly figure is synonymous with child care. One question comes to my mind – where is the father? While it’s true, fathers have only recently started to take a greater interest in the upbringing of children, I think that a father has certain privileges, nay, responsibilities which are distinct from a mother’s relationship with a child. . . . → Read More: Father Figure

The Tangled Web

A report has recently pointed out that worldwide, more than one child in every hundred had accessed some form of pornography by the age of six. Many parents are concerned that children are now growing up far too fast. In a recent study. . . . . → Read More: The Tangled Web