Taking the Bother out of Breakfast with Creamline Dairies

Creamline Dairies Delivers Breakfast Product Essentials.Helping to take the stress out of breakfast time, ‘Creamline Dairies’ online doorstep delivery service offers a range of breakfast essentials: from milk, yoghurt and eggs, to juices, bread and jam and many other morning must-haves.

Here Chris Swallow, joint MD at Creamline, shares his top tips for making sure your little ones get off to a strong start in the mornings.

  • Creamline Dairies | Porridge with BananaPep up your porridge: If your child is a little reluctant on the fruit front, then make it into a breakfast challenge. Add sliced fruits like bananas and apples to the table and get them to decorate their porridge, creating a smiley face to kick start the day. You’ll have them eating their five- a-day in no time and porridge is an excellent source of fibre, helping support a healthy digestive system.
  • Make a healthy breakfast on the go: Mornings can be mayhem when you have a family, so find a breakfast that works for you. Breakfasts on the go don’t always mean sugary cereal bars. Instead blend some soft fruits along with some whole milk, vanilla yoghurt and porridge oats and blitz. Not only will this make sure they get a serving of dairy, fresh fruit and porridge oats – it’ll also mean they can drink it whilst on route to school.
  • Bottles of Creamline Dairies MilkAdd dairy to the start of the day: One glass of milk provides 30% of a child’s daily protein and half of the daily calcium, making it an important part of a healthy breakfast. If your child isn’t keen on drinking milk, then add a serving to their favourite cereal, or if time isn’t tight add eggs and flour to make some healthy breakfast pancakes.

Look out for Creamline’s fruit and vegetable range, launching in Autumn 2015 – helping families eat their 5 a day!


Creamline Dairies LogoAnd Now Creamline Competition… Win two centre court tickets to The Northern

Helping give Manchester parents a day they’ll never forget, Creamline Dairies has a pair of tickets up for grabs to the pre-Wimbledon, grass court Challenger Tournament, taking place at The Northern in Didsbury this June.

To be in chance of winning these centre court tickets, redeemable on the 1st – 5th June, simply answer the question below:

What does one glass of milk provide?

  • 50% of a child’s daily calcium
  • 10% of a child’s daily calcium
  • 5% of a child’s daily calcium

Closing date: 27th May


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