For kids who like travelling

Are we there yet - travel card game for kids on the moveAre we there yet?” is probably one of the most popular questions addressed to stressed, driving parents by their offspring. Summer time, holiday time, travel time… “If you want to reduce the frequency of that plaintive call keep them busy and distracted,” suggests our article about toys which are helpful for parents and fun for young travellers.

This “I Spy” travel game  allows players to score points by spotting situations, people, vehicles and so on. There are 450 travel cards in 5 categories–objects, people, signs, vehicles and animals. Normally played by 2 or more players but can be enjoyed alone.

If you’d like to win a travel game for kids on the move, please read the article and tell us what is the name of the shop that recommends and sells all the lovely toys described in the article. Send your answers with clearly marked name, address and telephone number to M&D Magazine, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2SX.

Closing date: Thursday, 8th August 2013


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