Eureka? No, it’s a Ping!

SciTech, Interactive Summer Science ClubSciTech – Active Science for Active Children

We call it a ‘Ping’. It is that special moment when a child realises how it works; suddenly it all makes sense! A burst of joy and understanding that is beamed across a child’s face! We love pings!

At SciTech, Our hands-on science summer school that is being run in Altrincham, we aim for every child to have at least five pings a day and that’s a lot more fun than five vegetables a day!

We did some, back of an envelope, maths the other day and after 21 years of working with children, we reckon that by the end of SciTech: 12, we will have reached our 500,000th ping!

Pings usually happen when a child is fully engaged – not just sitting behind a desk. That’s why, this year we won’t just talk about car safety we’ll get them to set up and analyse car crashes! That’s why we are not only going to look at the science of animation but ask children to make their own productions too. That’s why our junior forensic scientists will be out there collecting clues and analysing them in the lab, our microbiologists will be gloved up, peering down microscopes and learning about cross infection, and (be warned!) our young biotechnologists won’t just be staying inside 007’s ‘Q’ laboratory but they’ll be out there spying and decoding!

Parents often say to us “Why wasn’t science like this when I was a kid?” Teachers, who visit us at SciTech and see so many pings, say “Now I remember why I wanted to be a teacher!”.

SciTech lasts a week – the pings last a lifetime!

There are still some places left for this year’s course for the older children however all the places for the under seven’s have gone and a waiting list is in operation. SciTech does sell out every year so if you are interested in securing a place on this year’s 21st birthday programme, get in touch as soon as possible.

Visit: or telephone SciTech on (0161) 903 9133

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