X-Factor for Entrance Exams

Jo Murphy, director of Home Choice Tutoring

Jo Murphy

Ask any parent and they will say that the greatest gift they could ever receive is the gift of a child; that their wish for their child is a happy life and one of quality and sense of fulfilment in their choice of career.

The first tentative step a child may take on this road is with the highly competitive business of securing a place at a school of their choice. If a Grammar or an Independent school is chosen – it means an examination. This can be a highly stressful time for a 10 years old, and for parents too, who very often drive the process with their will to provide what they see as “the best” for their youngsters. The dynamic is complex and there is a lot of work to be done, but for a child of 10 good results achieved, more often than not, through support, encouragement, and above all, with a mantra that “learning is fun.”

An examination need not be a daunting prospect. It can be approached in a positive way, seen as an experience to be enjoyed rather than dreaded, to be tackled with confidence and anticipation, and with a sense of “bring it on!!”

Preparation should contain four non-negotiables:

  • knowledge of the likely content.
  • determination to strengthen identified areas of weakness.
  • realisation of untapped potential.
  • re-enforcement of existing knowledge to allow the child to forge ahead and “go the extra mile

To succeed in the entrance examinations for the majority of Grammar and Independent schools a child has to demonstrate a clear understanding of basic Maths, and an ability to handle an English paper which demands skills in both verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Currently most primary schools do not teach with the specific aim of preparing a child for such an examination and “top-up” is essential.

Specialist tuition will provide the “X factor” needed to achieve success. A skilled and experienced tutor can also bring calm and reason to the tension often present when the hammer of parental pressure comes into conflict with the more sensitively appropriate response of “gently, gently: I really believe that you can do this

Entrance exam Workshops: 3 x weekly programmes over summer, beginning 13th August
One to one tuition: Call Choice Home Tutoring on 0161 434 7045 or 07527 377502

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