Didsbury Maths Tuition

One – to – one & Small Groups Private Maths Tuition for children aged 7 to 12

Our students are coming from Didsbury, Chorlton, Stockport and Wilmslow. Home tuition and tuition via skype is possible.
We offer:

  • Support to children who struggle with maths;
  • A special course for mathematically able children;
  • Maths Diagnostic Test;
  • Preparation for secondary schools;
  • Preparation for entrance examination to grammar schools and independent schools;
  • School break maths booster;
  • Comprehensive maths course for home-schooling;
  • Visual mathematics for children with special needs.

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Dr Oksana KiselevaOur approach to teaching mathematics is based on the traditional Russian program. The main features of which are:

  • Visual and structured approach;
  • Use of logic, NO memorising;
  • Development of problem-solving skills;
  • Fostering of deep understanding of mathematical concepts;
  • Development of strong numeracy skills;
  • Engaging teaching and enjoyable learning.

Children who follow our program show significant improvements in their maths skills and develop overall confidence in their academic abilities. Our students outperform their peers at 11 plus examination and excel at secondary school.

Dr. Oksana Kiseleva holds a PhD from Manchester University. She graduated from the top specialist maths school run by the Moscow University. Oksana lives in Didsbury and has two children. Her daughter attends a local primary school and her son – Altrincham Grammar School for Boys.



Child solving maths problem Any child is a mathematician
Oksana Kiseleva, Mums&Dads, 16th July 2014
 . Comedy piece: Russian Maths for Tiger Mums:
(Warning: contains some strong language)


We Know How To Teach Maths

Maths Problem with Balloons Time for “serious” maths
Oksana Kiseleva, Mums&Dads, 4th December 2014
Maths Lesson with Group of Children 11 Plus and beyond: Russian maths anyone?
Oksana Kiseleva, Mums&Dads, 30th June 2015
at the lesson: solving maths problem Does your intelligent and creative child struggle with maths?
Oksana Kiseleva, Mums&Dads, 29th November 2015
What is Russian Maths?

Parents often ask me what “Russian Maths” is and how is it different from maths taught in England, after all, the numbers are the same. Yes, the numbers are the same, but the methods of teaching mathematics are very different.

Read more. . .

Visual Maths Kit The Rocky Road of Maths
Oksana Kiseleva, Mums&Dads, 10th July 2016
Mnemonics Nose | Bracket Multiplication Understanding maths
Oksana Kiseleva, Mums&Dads, 20th August 2017


Call 0161 637 4853 or send e.mail through the form above


What People Say about Oksana's tutoring

May 13, 2015

“Dear Dr Kiseleva

Nicolas performed very well in our entry criteria, particularly in his Maths tests both on his assessment day and his entrance exam. It would appear to me that the work you have done with him has had a very large impact. You will have noticed from our Part B Arithmetic that we aim to draw boys into more open-ended problems where they must pursue a concept through a series of steps. Nicolas was extremely good at that and scored within the top 20% of the year group on that paper. It must also be said that the paper was harder than usual, so his achievement is even greater. His work with triangular numbers on the assessment day was similarly pleasing.

I am afraid to say that we don’t give actual scores out to parents, but I enjoyed his company when I met him in November and again in January. He had a lovely sensitivity to others, led by example and mixed well.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best Wishes
Michael Strother, Director of Admissions
The Manchester Grammar School | Old Hall Lane | Manchester | M13 0XT

6 comments to Didsbury Maths Tuition

  • Natalia

    Many thanks for your invaluable help with Maths for the past 12 months which has help Marcos not only to progress to the level he should be in, but to understand and enjoy what he is doing. This is how Maths should be taught in schools. I cannot recommend you enough!
    Regards, Natalia

  • Sue

    Thank you Oksana, Megan is coming on leaps and bounds in maths, starting from basics she has developed an in depth understanding, a solid foundation on which to build. Long may it continue!
    Regards Sue.


    My ten years old daughter attends a state primary school and excelled at maths but was not being stretched beyond the curriculum. Hence we decided to send her to Oksana who has worked with her over 3 months to show her new ways at looking at maths problems, as well as introducing her to more advanced maths including algebra. She has equipped her with new methods in problem solving and challenged her beyond what her primary school could offer. As a result her maths skills are now excellent. Her one hour a week tutoring also prepared my daughter for passing the Entrance exam for Withington Girls School. Our decision to try her for WGS came late in the day – just 3 weeks before the exam but Oksana’s tuition certainly gave our daughter a head start in handling the challenging papers. Whether your child is struggling with maths or accomplished I recommend Oksana as a tutor -and especially if you are considering tuition for entrance exams and 11 plus. Since accepting her place at WGS, our daughter continues to see Oksana on a weekly basis as she enjoys her lessons so much and loves improving her maths skills. Thanks Oksana!

  • Melinda

    We wanted to thank you for your amazing work with our daughter – the numbers are finally beginning to make sense to her and the work you are doing together is having a really tangible impact in terms of her wellbeing and confidence.

  • Alex

    My son was struggling in maths at school and so we decided to ask Oksana for an assessment and tutoring. He has been going for to Oksana for a year now and has really advanced. He is confident and enjoys maths which is so lovely to see.
    Thank you Oksana

  • Helen

    My son attended a local primary school school and had always coped well with maths but was not particularly challenged, Oksanas methods provided a new way of approaching maths and it’s concepts,focusing on methods of problem solving, he really enjoyed the lessons. We visited weekly for three months before he sat entrance exams for several independent schools and is looking forward to starting at The Manchester Grammar School in September. We continued to see Oksana over the following months to build on what he had learnt and prepare him for secondary school. I cannot thank or recommend Oksana highly enough. Thank you

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