Top travel tips for October half term

GoEuro suggests five top travel tips for getting the most for your money this October half term

Returning from your summer holiday, did you find yourself cursing a poor choice of destination, chaotic travel arrangements and indifferent weather whilst the UK was enjoying the August heat wave? You weren’t alone. Although GoEuro can’t guarantee you good weather this time round, it does have 5 top money-saving tips for your holiday this October half term, which will stop you making the same mistakes again.

1. Explore different ways of getting to where you want to go

Remember that shopping around for different transport options can often save you time and money. Don’t just drive to your nearest airport and hop on a flight; use a multi-mode travel search engine like GoEuro to compare rail and coach fares to an airport further from home. This may save you money without increasing your overall travel time.

2. Beware of hidden costs during your journey

Remember that headline prices may not always reflect the final cost of travel to your destination.

Look at the location of the airport and check that it is the nearest to your accommodation. Transfers can often catch you out – you don’t want to pay a small fortune to get a taxi to your accommodation. Shop around for good transfer deals or research local transport links using GoEuro, then book ahead of your holiday to avoid needless delays and unplanned costs on arrival.

When booking your flights, always remember to factor in additional taxes and luggage charges when calculating the total cost of transport. If you can, pack lightly and just take hand luggage, which will save you the cost of checking in baggage, and the time of waiting to collect hefty suitcases in arrivals.

3. Think of alternative destinations

Fancy a trip to Paris, but not the hefty price tag? Try Lyon this half term! Both cities allow you to climb up high and look down over beautiful architecture, both boast long and spacious riverside walkways, both allow you to get a taste of unbeatable French cuisine, and both are steeped in culture and tradition.

Looking for a hot beach holiday to relax with the kids, but happy to stay in Europe and save some money? Forget Thailand and Australia, there are plenty of beach destinations within Europe with lower prices and shorter journey times, which still have average temperatures of over 25⁰C in October. Take a trip to Lagos in Portugal, or Paphos in Cyprus and enjoy sun, sea and sand.

4. Timing is everything

Firstly, think carefully about when you book. Last minute deals are becoming a thing of the past, and if you want the cheapest deal possible, you are better off being organised, rather than leaving it until the night before to book.

Secondly, be strategic with your travel dates. Flying on a Friday night or a Saturday morning may cost a lot more than a Wednesday afternoon, for example. Go for a few days this half term, rather than the full week, to beat the peak travel rush and the high prices to match.

5. Go DIY

Although package deals are alluring with their low headline prices, remember that you could often find better yourself if you’re willing to mix and match. Decide on transport first, and then find reasonably priced accommodation in the area to match; with the internet, you can find accommodation to suit any taste and budget.

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