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Hallway design ideas (mix image)Hallways are an often overlooked area in a home. They have to withstand the most traffic of any room in the house but tend to be a style wilderness, a collection of odd items of furniture that will fit in the space along with a mass of detritus that gathers as the school and working week progresses.

Autumn and Winter bring further challenges to this area as families need access to more outdoor wear, coats, hats, scarves & boots. A new school term in September brings book bags, PE bags, blazers and sports equipment and before you know it the Hallway is now the Dumping Ground.

With a little thought and to suit any budget, this area can be made both smarter and more efficient. Storage is key, give everything a home and encourage everyone to hang up their coats and bags and push their shoes into a cubby as they arrive. Wellies and football boots can live on a rack or storage trug in the porch for easy access and less mud in the house.

Cox & Cox | Industrial metal clothes rail

    Industrial metal clothes rail | Cox & Cox  


Depending on how much space you have available, coat and shoe racks are invaluable here. If you are fortunate enough to have a wide hallway then a freestanding coat rack with storage under or a storage bench (add a cushion to double as seat) with hooks above is an ideal set-up to house coats, bags and shoes in one go.


Cox & Cox | Low wooden box unit

          Low wooden box unit | Cox & Cox            

Graham & Green | Carson coat rack

      Carson coat rack | Graham & Green      



Ikea Ställ cabinets | photo by Jemma Watts for 91 Magazine

        Ikea Ställ cabinets | Jemma Watts for 91 Magazine        





If, like many people, you have a narrow hallway and space is precious then there are some clever wall hung storage cabinets available which fold flat. The Ställ cabinets from Ikea are ideal, stylish and minimal and you can use the top as a shelf for keys and sunglasses.

Rockett St George | giant dipped black- storage baskets

    Giant dipped black storage baskets | Rockett St George    






If budget and space are at a real premium then a basket for shoes and a shelf above a radiator will still help the space feel less cluttered. A shelf made from a small piece of MDF can be painted to match the walls or bright to contrast, add a couple of brackets and even a mirror above and the space is transformed.

DBO Joinery | under the stairs storage

        Under the stairs storage | DBO Joinery      



For those who are keen to invest more in this area then a skilled joiner can create an incredible amount of storage from the area under the stairs which all tucks away out of sight when not in use.




If you require some interiors help in any area of the house then nest would be delighted to work with you. We offer M&D readers 10% off our design consultancy fees so just drop us an email with details of your project.
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