A year at the helm

Simon Hyde, Headmaster of The King’s School in MacclesfieldOne year after taking up the helm as Headmaster of The King’s School in Macclesfield, Dr Simon Hyde reflects on his first year and discusses the future:

What do you think makes King’s different from other schools? “I’ve taught in some of the country’s best schools and what is evident to me is the benefit of King’s ‘diamond structure’, which has all the academic advantages of teaching boys and girls separately from 11 – 16 whilst still allowing them to mix outside the classroom, plus the advantages of co-education for younger pupils and those in the sixth form. It helps us to focus on the sometimes neglected middle years of education and means that boys and girls excel in all subject areas. Our results prove it works – we’re celebrating record A level results and our Girls’ Division GCSE results were the best in Cheshire last year.”

What changes have you made since you joined? “I believe passionately in the importance of good leadership in driving school improvement and I’ve appointed several new people to my senior team including two new Principals and two new Deputy Heads. We’ve also just opened the doors to our first Pre-School cohort and built new netball courts and junior cricket facilities.”

What other plans do you have? “We will be drawing up a new school strategic plan to cement King’s position as one of England’s leading schools. To ensure that teaching is nothing short of exceptional, we will be reviewing the core elements of our curriculum against the demands of the modern world. There are also plans for a new Sports Centre and Astroturf.”

In the current economic climate, why do you think parents should invest in King’s? “Parents are buying the start of an amazing lifelong journey for their child. People know that children flourish at King’s because we are a supportive community, committed to doing our best for every child whether they are an academic high-flier, an elite sportsperson, budding musician or need nurturing. What I can promise parents is that King’s will be ambitious in its aspirations and demanding of ourselves just as much as of our pupils.”

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