Firefighters Educating Youngsters at Alderley Edge School for Girls

ON Friday 17th February, Wilmslow Fire Service visited Alderley Edge School for Girls to work with the Nursery and Pre-School as part of their focus on a project called People Who Help Us, as part of learning about the world.

Firefighters visit to AESG 17-02-2017

The fire service came to talk to the girls about what firefighters do and how important it is to a mix of male and female staff in the crew. They showed the girls the equipment which is used and their protective uniforms.

The girls were extremely interested in how the fire fighters get water when they attend a fire and the fire fighters explained that they keep water in a big tank which is in the centre of the fire engine. The girls wondered how they know how much water was in the tank, so they were shown a tube in the back of the engine which had water and a ball in it.

The girls at Alderley Edge School for Girls said they had a fantastic morning with the fire service, each of the girls got to sit in the back of the fire engine and they said it was very exciting when the driver of the fire engine put the sirens and blue light as they drove away!

Firefighter and AESG pupil

Alison Barber, Head of Nursery and Pre School said the girls “loved it!”

The girls were very interested to hear why the fire fighters wear protective clothing; they explained each piece of their uniform and how it protects the – they loved the gold helmet the most.

There was a complete buzz of excitement once the firefighters had left – the girls wanted to play in the water and make their own hoses in the garden. We have continued to talk about the visit this half term and the girls have painted pictures of their visit.”

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