GBBO Star Luis Judges SGS Bake Off

Great British Bake Off finalist Luis Troyano visited Stockport Grammar School to judge the inaugural House Bake Off competition, where eight pupils representing the four school houses battled for the trophy.

Stockport Grammar House Bake Off competition

Pictured left to right: Michelle Paton, Tony Paton, Megan King, Luis Troyano, Charlotte O’Hara

Creative ‘showstopper’ ideas ranged from a pizza cake, to a Chanel handbag, with the winning design being in the form of a chocolate Easter nest complete with chicks and eggs. The pupils had just an hour to decorate their creations, so the pressure was on. Luis took time to offer advice and even some hands-on support to help to contestants keep their cool, just as he famously always did in the TV show.

He told us: “It was a lot of fun and the pupils seemed to really enjoy it.” The celebrity baker was joined by Stockport-based The Cake and Bake Company proprietors Michelle and Tony Paton, and the judging panel reached a unanimous decision placing Third Year pupils Megan King (from Edgeley) and Charlotte O’Hara (from Adlington) first for their mouthwatering chocolate nest.

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