Happy Halloween 2013!

What are you up to this Halloween? Trick-o-treating? Scary parties? Pumpkin carving? Cooking anything interesting like pumpkin muffins?

Please, share you Hallowing experiences. And Happy Halloween!



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2 comments to Happy Halloween 2013!

  • Evgeni

    Carved pumpkin for Halloween Pumpkin-carving with the aim to demonstrate to our little one – who is flexi-educated – a science experiment which he wanted to do: “A candle inside the pumpkin is a source of light”. Light and dark is a current topic in his flexi-school.

  • Healthy raw salads, with a grated pumpkin as a main ingredient, to make use of the rest of the pumpkin…Cool looking, quick to make, healthy, tasty, no waste. Love it!

    Healthy salads with raw pumpkin

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