Hypnosis for Birth

Gouri Laher, clinical hypnotherapist, hypnotic birthing practitioner and a Reiki teacherI first became interested in hypnosis for birth, also commonly known as ‘hypnobirthing’, when I fell pregnant with my second baby. After a very difficult first childbirth, I firmly decided that the second one was going to be different, it had to be different. I decided that by preparing my mind fully for what was ahead, I would stand a better chance of having a good experience. I wasn’t mistaken. Hypnosis not only allowed me to eliminate my fears about birth, but also enabled me to stay calm and in control and to actually enjoy the childbirth. Even though the birth of baby number two was not entirely straightforward, it was an enjoyable experience that I look back upon with a smile on my face and feelings of happiness.

What exactly is hypnosis for birth? It is a safe, effective method to enable couples to embrace childbirth, so that it becomes a manageable, easier and more enjoyable experience. Hypnotherapy accesses the deeper parts of your mind where thought patterns and beliefs are stored away and enables elimination of non-beneficial thoughts in relation to birth and replaces them with useful ones. Hypnosis for birth, which uses visualisation, hypnosis, breathing and NLP, has a huge amount of scientific research backing it up. Studies demonstrate how the deeply relaxing effects of this method can allow for a smoother and sometimes quicker birth with less use of pain medication and less medical intervention altogether. Above all, the methods used often leave mothers (and fathers) in a good state of mind, more able to focus on and bond with baby.

From my experience as an Easibirthing ® practitioner, most pregnant women can benefit from hypnosis for birth. People in my classes have ranged from those who are simply terrified of birth or have specific medical issues they worry about, to those who are positive about birth and wish to learn methods to enhance their experience. Although not essential, partner involvement is recommended and can be instrumental to a successful birth.

There are many simple techniques that you can use to relax yourself deeply, so that your body has a greater chance of birthing your baby effectively. One of the simplest ways is by breathing deeply and evenly throughout your contractions. By breathing in this way you can enter a relaxed state, gain a sense of control over the process and focus on the amazing process your body is undergoing.

As a hypnotherapist and specialist hypnotic birthing practitioner, I run Easibirthing ® group classes and also one-to-one courses in Manchester. Easibirthing ® was developed alongside UK midwives and has been used successfully for over 15 years, to help pregnant women make childbirth what it should be – a happy, empowering experience.

Gouri Laher offers free, confidential, initial advice by phone or e-mail. For more information about hypnotherapy or Reiki in Manchester or to get an advice contact:
T: 07837380665
E: hypreiki@aol.co.uk
W: www.manchesterhypnotherapyandreiki.co.uk

4 comments to Hypnosis for Birth

  • Anna

    I understand that hypnotherapy doesn’t guarantee pain free birth. Can pain relief also be used?

    • Hi Anna,

      Hypnosis for birth can prevent a labouring woman from feeling a lot of pain- this is especially so if hypnotherapy has been used to eliminate any fears relating to birth. A huge amount of the pain felt by women duing labour is due to anxiety and fear. Hypnosis can also be used to alter our perception of pain and to use the mind to overcome discomfort altogether.

      If at any point in her labour, the hypnobirthing mother feels she needs a little extra help to reduce any discomfort to a more manageable degree, then she is of course free to use any pain medication she wishes, alonside her hypnobirthing methods.

  • Sue

    Are there different types of hypnobirthing? I’ve heard about Natal Hypnotherapy but wasn’t aware of Easibirthing. Are they similar, the same or two different things?

  • Hi Sue,

    Yes, there are different types of hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing is a generic term for the process of hypnosis for childbirth.

    Easibirthing is unique in that it was developed in the UK (as opposed to the USA) in conjunction with UK midwives. Easibirthing is the only hypnosis for birth course to have been independently accredited too (by the NCHP).

    Easibirthing uses not only hypnosis, but also Neurolinguistic programming, Breathing techniques and talking therapy to eliminate any fears, to reduce discomfort and to create a positive and happy childbirth experience.

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