Pirates Ahoy in Swashbuckling Assembly at Bolton School

Bolton School | Pirates Assembly at Beech House (thumbnail)

An audience of parents and Reception and Year 1 children at Beech House were entertained as Year 2 children celebrated their term’s work on pirates with a colourful pirate-themed assembly that involved singing sea shanties and narrating swashbuckling stories. . . . → Read More: Pirates Ahoy in Swashbuckling Assembly at Bolton School

Boys learn differently

Pupils from All Boy Bolton School

Research and studies suggest these are difficult times to be a boy. Girls tend to perform better than boys academically throughout each key stage of a school career and the gap is widening. Seventy per cent of women now progress to university compared to only 50% of men. I can’t help believing that the dramatic decline in the number of single-sex schools over the past 25 years has directly impacted these statistics. . . . → Read More: Boys learn differently