Keeping the Kids Busy During the Holidays

Summer holidays with kids at the beach

The school holidays are an exciting opportunity to spend time together as a family and pursue the activities you can’t fit in during term time. Check out our advice below to find out how you can entertain your little ones during the summer break. . . . → Read More: Keeping the Kids Busy During the Holidays

Squelchy Dirt, Daisy Chains and The Long Holidays

Mum with a child walking along the beach

Research shows a lot of kids never experienced simple outdoor activities like walking through the mud, kicking up autumn leaves or climbing the trees comparing to the older generation. Use the long holidays to provide these experiences to your children. . . . → Read More: Squelchy Dirt, Daisy Chains and The Long Holidays

Recipe for Staycation

Kids playing at the waterside at Mersey Vale Nature Park

My recipe for the best summer ever? Pour in lots of chill out time, a healthy mix of friends and social opportunities with peers, sprinkle in a few family adventures, and maybe add a decadent topping of a day club or two. Stir well and enjoy! . . . → Read More: Recipe for Staycation

Think Back: Think Holiday

Active Holidays on the Boat

We all look forward to having holidays packed with exiting new activities – spending hours on sunbeds, throwing children around in pools,trying new sports. We’ll also be lifting and carrying heavy cases on the way to and from our destination and will have different beds and pillows to adapt to. This complete change of routine may have unexpected implications on our backs and necks. There are eight tips that help you to keep healthy this summer. . . . → Read More: Think Back: Think Holiday