Circus Funtasia Return to Wythenshawe this Half Term!

Circus Funtasia in Wythenshawe Park, 2017 flyer
Roll up, roll up! Circus Funtasia are back with a brand new show for 2017, just in time for February 2017 Half Term.

After the success of last year’s show, Circus Funtasia have returned to Wythenshawe Park by popular demand. But expect to see plenty of new faces entertaining the crowds, as well as some old favourites.


Circus Funtasia - Duo Stefaneli


“Our talented acrobats Duo Stefaneli are back, with two dramatic gravity-defying performances,” explained Tracy Jones, founder and ring mistress. “And we welcome Duo Peris, all the way from Spain, who will be wowing audiences with their incredible roller-skating act and aerial feats.”

Circus Funtasia - Duo Peris, rollerskating

Duo Peris, a brother and sister from four generations of circus family, have been roller-skating from a very young age. Prepare to be amazed as they skate, spin and fly around the ring at great speed!

Circus Funtasia - Elodie, tightrope-walker


Tightrope-walker Elodie is joining Circus Funtasia for her first ever performance in the UK. Elodie dances across the wire with grace and beauty. Her act is not without danger, as she attempts to hula-hoop whilst balancing on the tightrope.

Circus Funtasia - Nia Jones, juggling

The show also features the UK’s youngest performing juggler, Nia Nikolova Jones. At just thirteen years old Nia’s fast and furious juggling act will keep you on the edge of your seats.

I started juggling when I was seven years old, but I’ve been performing since I was five. My first act was a trampolining act with my dad, who’s also an acrobat. I love being in the circus because we’re like one big family who look out for each other.”

The family atmosphere shines through at Circus Funtasia. With face painting, flashing lights, popcorn, candy floss, hot food, and even a bar, there is enough to keep audiences of all ages entertained from start to finish.

Our all-human show is very contemporary, with modern music and fast-paced comedy,” ring-mistress Tracy revealed. “We want to put the ‘fun’ back into your February!”

Circus Funtasia - Globe of Death - Ivan Ivanov, Malin Yovov, Dimitar Finov, and Vesko LesevaThroughout the show there are heart-warming comedy performances from fresh-faced French clown Anthony. But you may need nerves of steel to watch the big finale which features FOUR motorcycle riders inside the terrifying Globe of Death!

This unmissable show runs throughout Half Term, from Friday 10th until Sunday 19th February. Visit or call 07706168507 for more details and to book.


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