Fevers, sneezes and wheezes

With the short days and long cold nights of winter come fevers, sneezes and wheezes. Parents are often concerned that a wheeze is the first sign of asthma. However the vast majority of wheezy children do not have asthma, but rather have so-called “viral induced wheeze”. . . . → Read More: Fevers, sneezes and wheezes

Head turning habits

Baby sassion at Osteopath Clinic

Since the ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign, which advises parents to place their babies on their back to sleep the number of babies with “flat” or misshapen heads increased. However, it seems as though outside of sleeping we need to try and minimise the time that babies are on their backs to avoid “flat” heads. There are several recommendations to mums to make sure their babies aren’t lying with the pressure just on one part of their heads . . . → Read More: Head turning habits

Coping with winter illness

At home with cough and cold

‘It is inevitable that young children will pick up coughs, colds and sniffles, especially when they attend nursery and play closely alongside their friends. When they are younger, they have a lower resistance to infection and you should expect that they will become unwell from time to time. However, we can all help minimise the spread of infection…….. . . . → Read More: Coping with winter illness