Are you a mum, who runs a business?

Are you a mum, who runs a business? If the answer is “yes” you are likely to have two full-time jobs – looking after your family and building your enterprise. How do you juggle your responsibilities as mother, wife and business woman? Do you have any “Me” time? Do you have the support of your family, or maybe you run it together with your husband? What motivated you to become a mumpreneur? And how did it all start anyway?

For Alexandra Macleod, who runs “The Pudding Club” in Knutsford, the inspiration came from the absence of the right pair of jeans to wear on a growing tummy and bad shopping experience in Manchester. What about you? Tell us your story. Leave a comment – you may inspire others and get more clients.

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  • Ali Drake

    I was made redundant in June and decided that, after working full time since my little boy, Jamie, turned 1 (he’s now nearly 3) that I finally needed to reassess my work/life balance. Being a mum and working in an office for someone else full time is no fun!
    I baked and decorated Jamie’s 1st birthday cake myself and after all the fantastic comments I received I started getting into cake decorating more and more. I decided that it was something I’d really like to do as a business so I started setting up The Little Party Boutique, which offers cakes, cupcakes, party bags and sweet favours for parties and wedding…my main aim being to get into the wedding market. I have just set my website live and now need to start marketing myself, the difficult bit! I would love to get my business to a level where I can keep it going as my main income, and actually make a bit of money from it…the support I’ve received from friends and family has been great, and I really hope I can make this work!

  • Anyonita

    Working as a writer was always my dream, so it felt like a natural step for me when I started my freelance copywriting business providing web content, blogs, articles and promotional materials for various companies. I started the business before I got pregnant but after having my son, I chose to continue on with the business and become a mumpreneur. It’s challenging juggling raising a family and growing a business but I do enjoy it. Since I work from home, it’s nice to have my son there all the time. Like most mumpreneurs, I do find myself wishing there were just a few more hours in the day.

  • Hi,
    My name is Orit. I began working in the diamond and jewellery trade about ten years ago – working for a diamond dealer in Hatton Garden, London’s diamond centre.
    After my second child was born and the little time I had for both my children I’ve decided to move away from London and head north to be closer to family and better my children’s education and quality of life.
    The plan was to work part-time and be more of a mum. But those part-time jobs were hard to find. It was my old boss who offered me to open my on-line diamond jewellery business. I wasn’t sure at first as I was always an employee but after a while I realised this could be the best thing for me. Use old contacts of the trade, have the experience, earn money and all that around the life of my children. So I went for it. It’s the best decision I have done and!
    Hope this will encourage other mum to follow.

    Best regards,

  • As a Mum of 2 who previously worked in the Internet industry, I retrained after having my first child in Interior Design. I wanted to do something creative and varied but above all on my own terms.
    Whilst the children were pre-school, I worked on word of mouth projects and gained experience. Now I work in partnership with a close friend and we run nest interior design. We feel we have the best of both worlds, doing something we love, providing support to each other and also being able to do the school run, homework and bath/bedtime.
    It can still be tricky fitting everything in, that school day flies by before you know it and working from home has its challenges but the flexibility it offers is much sought after.
    I would encourage any mums seeking a new direction with a viable idea to give it a go!

  • A friend and I just started our own business. We met at antenatal classes and found out we both did Spanish at university. So we have started Little Amigos Language Club, teaching Spanish to 0-3 year olds through songs, games, nursery rhymes and movement. We have been very busy getting things going and really hope that it goes well. We’ve definitely enjoyed singing songs in Spanish to our little ones. Classes start in April, so fingers crossed!

    • How very true, Claire – the earlier children start learning foreign languages, the better and the easier it is. With our education system not doing enough in this field, classes like yours are such a valuable addition. Good luck!

  • Lorna Robins

    I lived in the states for 12 years and had my own catering business when my kids were young, it was great, as many mums do find, being at home working is better for the family. But I came back to the UK 10 years ago and went to work as a cook for someone else. Hate it! But I didn’t think my kids needed me much anymore. I was wrong. Now I’m starting my company again, this time my 20 year old son (who has trained as a chef but can’t keep a job due to his ADHD) will be working with me. My life is my kids and now my focus is to get my son into work despite his disability. When I keep him on task he is actually a great chef and I’m proud of him.

    • We never stop being mums, do we? In your case it sounds like you are helping your son and he is helping you. You run a nice family business from the look of your website – well done! If you need to promote your children’s parties do let us know.

  • I decided to become a mumpreneur in the emergency (child)care sector, dealing with both children and adults. I became suddenly very ill in 2008 and 2010; even though we had au pairs both times, looking after our kids, they wouldn’t work the extra hours needed when my husband was in the hospital with me (even if we offered to pay). When the doctors ruled out any chance of leaving the hospital alive, my husband was torn between the hospital and the kids at home. It was a stressful for us!
    I did pull through by a miracle. I decided to quit my job and start up something that help other parents who might find themselves in the same situation. We offer care in their own homes, response time is 30 minutes and it’s a 24/7 service with properly qualified carers. They don’t have to drive anywhere to drop their kids off or wait for too long for a carer to arrive on their doorstep. This was exactly what we were looking for that wasn’t offered by all the care agencies we contacted.
    I am hoping that a lot of families will find our services and use them whether in an emergency or standard (child)care situation.

    • Hi Hilary, Thank you for sharing your story. And thank you for running this business. Unfortunately we all need an emergency cover now and again and unfortunately it is not easily available. Well done for coming up with the idea!

  • Being a new mum, I understood the importance of activity for my children at an early stage. I also wanted to do something I would truly love doing,that was flexible and enjoy. I started my business in 2003 and I believe its popularity has been influenced by the increased awareness of the benefits of teaching and leading healthy active lifestyles across all age groups but especially in the formative years.
    Ten years on, I am still beating the drum for Stretch-n-Grow. The UK network continues to grow with franchises operating across the country and franchisees buying into new areas all the time. Why not do something you would love to do?

  • Hi Tanya, What a coincidence – M&D published first issue of the magazine ten years ago, also in 2003. We published an article about a new company called Stretch-n-Grow in one of our first edition all these years ago. It’s great to know that your business is thriving. Good luck and keep in touch!

  • Understanding the importance of high quality family time for both adult and child Sarah Bird and Rowan Hoban, two parents set up The Just So Festival.

    An annual weekend-long camping festival for children and their families. The festival provides a magical experience where art, music and literature are embedded and entwined in a beautiful and wonderous landscape. It provides a broad range of musical, theatrical, and visual performances, workshops and installations within a safe, natural and magical setting.

    Every clearing and glade holds a new way to unleash creativity. Families discover and delight in the spectacular within the woodland environment during this weekend camping event.

    Allowing them to do something which Sarah and Rowan love, and families have come to see as a firm fixture in their summer calendar.

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