Steep challenge for Stockport man

A Stockport man is swapping tiles for tents when he takes on a mountainous charity challenge.

Stephen McCarthy - Climbing Challenge

Stephen hopes to be bathed in glory after completing the Clifton-manjaro challenge (pictured with colleague Rob Molloy)

Stephen McCarthy, 39, has signed up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro next week to represent Clifton Trade Bathrooms, whose Stockport branch he manages.

The company challenged team members to embark on the steep climb – and Stephen was eager to nab his place for the “opportunity of a lifetime.”

Stephen said: “Clifton have given me this great, once in a lifetime opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro. The chance to physically and mentally push myself to help others really excites me.”

The seven-day trek will raise money for nearby Warrington Youth Club. Clifton has a depot in Warrington – one of 14 across the North of the UK – and is a regular fundraiser for similar youth projects across the region.

Stephen said: “Warrington Youth Club need a new home. They’re a massively worthy charity as they do fantastic work with local kids. This is all about giving something back to the communities we work in – we serve local tradesman so we want to help community charities too.”

Stephen is receiving plenty of support from Clifton, who organised a depot-wide fundraising day on Friday 13 March and a fundraising night for staff and families on Saturday 14 March. They even assembled a training team to help whip Stephen into shape ahead of the big challenge.

He said: “Our training has been tough! We’ve made it with willpower but I’m not ashamed to admit I have ended up on my bum, side and back a few times!

To sponsor Stephen and the Clifton team, go to

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