The Eclipse at Stockport Grammar School

The solar eclipse brought Stockport Grammar School community together as nursery children through to GCSE astronomers watched the rare phenomenon.

All the children at SGS are watching solar eclipse together.

Senior School pupils at SGS are watching the solar eclipse.

Children were given specially commissioned SGS solar glasses, and the GCSE astronomers used specialist equipment to observe the phases of the eclipse. As well as high-end solar filters on their telescopes, they used some lower-tech methods too – like pinhole cameras made from old cornflake boxes.


Stockport Grammar Senior School pupils are watching the solar eclipse.


Senior School pupils from the First to Third Year, physics pupils from higher up the school and Headmaster Mr Andrew Chicken joined the astronomers to watch the UK’s first major solar eclipse since 1999.



Junior children at Stockport Grammar School are watching solar eclipse.Junior school children watched the first eclipse of their lifetimes together after enjoying Year 3’s assembly about the moon. Complete with spacesuits and some super acting, their assembly told the story of the first moon landings in 1969. Georgia Atkinson, who played Buzz Aldrin, said that the assembly “made us realise how amazing it must have been to go to the moon.”

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