An Advantage of Being Pregnant

The UK’s leading discount website has conducted a new study revealing the top ten things women loved the most about being pregnant; as well as discovering what little white lies they blamed on their bump.

As part of research into the parenting habits of Britons, the discount website has conducted a study of 1,181 mothers across the UK to discover if they enjoyed being pregnant, and what aspects of pregnancy they liked the most.

The majority of women said that they did enjoy being pregnant; with only 9% didn’t.

According to the research, the top ten aspects of pregnancy most enjoyed by expectant mothers were as follows:

  1. Eating more – 89%
  2. Exercising less – 74%
  3. Feeling your baby move – 71%
  4. Buying a new wardrobe – 67%
  5. The general feeling of being pregnant – 64%
  6. Being given seats on public transport – 54%
  7. Having an excuse to have a lie-in – 51%
  8. Your partner paying you extra special attention – 46%
  9. Having an excuse to not socialise– 38%
  10. Work colleagues giving you extra consideration – 32%

Respondents were also asked if they ever felt that they used their pregnancy to their advantage, to which 67%, said ‘yes’. When asked to explain how they did so, the majority, 56%, explained that they told friends that they were ‘too tired’ to socialise when pregnant, when in fact they felt fine; enabling them to get out of social events. A further one in five said that they ‘phoned in sick’ to work despite feeling fine, and 7% even claimed to occasionally ask for ‘free food and drink’ whilst pregnant.

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