Choking: Do you know what to do?

Bumps and Bashes First Aid ClassIt can happen in an instant. One minute you’re sat down, enjoying tea as a family and the next, your child is choking.

What do you do? Do you freeze? Do you cry? Do you dial 999 in a blind panic? Hundreds of parents find themselves in this unfortunate situation each day, and only a handful of them know what to do about it.

Knowledge of first aid is a necessary skill for all adults to learn. For parents, doubly so. In addition to what to do if your child is choking, there are some basic first aid skills that parents should be sure they can perform.

All around the North West, parents are attending first aid classes and ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge they need to intervene in an emergency. I joined one of these classes in Altrincham, where a dozen or so parents gathered to receive hands-on first aid instruction from Kate Naylor of Bumps and Bashes. Kate started Bumps and Bashes early in 2009 after being involved in an incident where first aid was required and there was no one around with experience that could help. Now she offers first aid courses specifically for parents of babies and children.

Each class run by Bumps and Bashes is informal yet informative. After each CPR demonstration, Kate gives attendees the opportunity for hands-on practice and she follows each taught procedure with questions and concerns, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and confident with what they have learned before continuing with the session.

From how to treat common bumps and bashes and the proper technique for addressing nosebleeds to more serious situations like recognizing symptoms of meningitis and performing CPR, you’ll receive useful information every parent should know. At the end of the session everybody will get a first aid handbook for future reference.

Accidents and emergencies happen without warning—will you be prepared?

To join one of the classes run by Bumps & Bashes or to organise a first aid session in the comfort of your own home, contact Kate on 0800 9179525 or 07966 315699, email or visit

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