Hello Sunshine!

Solutions to guests accommodation
Summer is here and with it comes the exciting thought of long, candlelit summer’s evenings and barbeques with friends. Being able to use your garden or courtyard gives your family extra room to spread out and enables you to have more people over to parties and meals.

Here are some tips on how to accommodate those extra guests over the summer months with seemingly effortless style!

We have all had those evenings when we have had to charge indoors as the large drops of rain splatter the tablecloth. Don’t let that spoil the fun, with these Ross Lovegrove chairs from nest.co.uk you can just ask your guests to grab Moroso Supernatural Chairs designed by Ross Lovegrove their wine and chairs and head indoors! They come in a range of cheerful colours and can be used outdoors or stacked for storage but also look amazing round the dining table.

Kaneena Terai Chairs from anthropologie


Alternatively, some stylish folding chairs can be stored out of sight and brought out when extra seating is needed, invest in a couple of these gorgeous Kaneena Terai folding chairs from anthropologie.com and your guests need never know they are on the ‘spare chair!’


cloud corner sofa from Loaf
When they are having so much fun why should your guests leave?! Sofa beds are a great investment and allow your friends and family to stay overnight at the drop of a hat. Even better still, a corner sofa bed provides extra seating and makes the most of your space. This cloud sofa bed from loaf.com is gorgeous and can be upholstered in a range of stylish fabric.

Why not always have some ready made up bedding stored away for just such occasions…

Big Chill fabric futon chair bed | Leader Lifestyle Finally, with all those grown-ups having fun what about the children, once they have partied until they can no more they will also need somewhere to sleep! This low cost brightly coloured chair bed by Leader Lifestyle (available from various retailers) comes in a range of colours and will look great in a kid’s bedroom, providing comfortable squashy seating by day and a bed for their pals by night. After all, we want them well rested so they can be full of beans again in the morning!


If you are considering updating your house we would be delighted to help. We offer a consultancy based design service charged by the hour. We are happy to come to you with a stash of samples and help you make those tricky decisions. In addition we would be happy to offer M&D readers a 25% discount on their first hour of consultation. Full details of our company can be found on our website at www.nestinteriordesign.co.uk and we can be reached by telephone on 0161 4140032 or email on enquiries@nestinteriordesign.co.uk

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