£100k Crowdfunding Campaign for Children’s Brain Tumour Research

Manchester children’s charity, Friends of Rosie, launch a new crowdfunding campaign to raise £100k to fund research to help fight childhood brain tumours.

In the UK, childhood cancer is the leading cause of death in children, with 250 children losing their lives to cancer each year. Brain tumours claim more children’s lives than any other type of childhood cancer. It’s facts like this that have provoked Friends of Rosie to set up a new crowdfunding campaign to help fight childhood brain tumours.

The campaign, which went live on 3 July and has an ambitious target of raising £100k by September, is focused on a specific research project being undertaken at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre. The project is looking into the feasibility of using cells created by the body’s immune system to shrink or destroy brain tumours in children, known as immunotherapy. This therapy would be used to treat childhood brain tumours that currently cannot be treated by conventional methods.

Jessica Green who lost her battle with cancer in 2014

Jessica Green

In the last few months, in Manchester alone, three little girls, Pippa, Gracie and Gracie, sadly passed away from the type of brain tumours this research is looking to treat.

Lisa McLoughlin’s daughter, Jessica Green, also lost her battle with cancer in 2014 after a brave fight against an aggressive brain tumour. Says Lisa, “Childhood brain tumours get so little funding and there are so few treatment options available. We’re doing everything we can to raise awareness and help others.”



Visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/immunotherapy-for-childhood-brain-tumours-research to support the project.

With your donation, you’ll be funding a tangible piece of research that could lead to saving the lives of children with brain tumours. Your pledge could be the difference.


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