Olympic Torch Coming to Stockport

Stockport Grammar School Third Year pupil, Claudia Thomas of Heaton Mersey has spent the last eight years raising thousands of pounds for charity and is being rewarded for her hard work with the honour of carrying the Olympic torch.

Claudia Thomas was chosen to carry Olympic torch through Stockport

Claudia Thomas

Claudia started fundraising when still in primary school and donates all her birthday money to charity. In addition to this, she fundraises for animal rights and homeless charities and has volunteered at the Wellspring Homeless Shelter in Stockport, a charity also supported by the school. Claudia was nominated by her mother, who says, “Since the age of 6 she has been raising money for various charities. When she is unable to go to the shelter during school term time she bakes cakes for me to take for the shelter visitors to enjoy. She has done these things by herself, of her own accord because she wants to make a difference.”

Claudia will carry the flame through Stockport on Sunday, June 24. She said: “I am really happy, and a bit nervous too. I enjoy doing things for charity but I don’t think I do anything that special really!” Mrs Tracey Samways, Claudia’s Form Tutor told us: “We are very proud of Claudia’s achievements – she thoroughly deserves to carry the torch”.

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