Two Olympic Torch Honours for Stockport Grammar School

Following on from our article about Claudia Thomas, here are some photos from Olympic Torch Relay, day 37.

Claudia Thomas With Olympic Torch, Stockport, Day 37 Claudia Thomas Igniting Torch at Olympic Torch Relay, day37, Stochkport; At the right Yen-Po Chen - extreme marathon runner trom Taiwan

An overwhelmed Claudia said that she was “so excited to be selected to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience” which saw her carrying the torch extremely close to her school as she made her way down Buxton Road in Stockport.

Stockport Grammar is also delighted to share that Richard Howarth, a former pupil was chosen to be a torchbearer in Westhoughton, Bolton.

Richard Howarth With Olympic Torch, Westhoughton

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