Giddy Goat Gives Santa a Hand

Toys and Presents at Giddy Goat, Didsbury, Christmas 2014

Christmas comes but once a year, which is lucky because it’s normally a manic whirlwind of buying, wrapping, baking, decorating and excessive festive fun. I adore Christmas, but I hate being buffeted about in big shops and queuing for hours at the till. I love small, independent shops like Giddy Goat Toys in Didsbury. . . . . → Read More: Giddy Goat Gives Santa a Hand

What Giddy Goat Got at the Toy Fair

Giddy Goats Toys Shop (Didsbury, Manchester) Logo

The last few years have been tough on the high street with retailers and small businesses really struggling. In South Manchester, we are lucky enough to have a brilliant range of small, independent retailers on our doorstep, but just how are they fairing in the current climate? Jane Arschavir visited Giddy Goat Toys owner . . . → Read More: What Giddy Goat Got at the Toy Fair

Getting Giddy about Christmas

Giddy Goats Toys Shop (Didsbury, Manchester) Logo

I’m sorry; someone has to say it, if you’re easily offended look away now. I’m going to mention the C word. Christmas. Sorry, I did warn you.

I’m a busy working Mum and as each year passes I’ve started to dread doing the Christmas shopping, especially as our extended family just seems to keep . . . → Read More: Getting Giddy about Christmas

Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet - travel card game for kids on the move

Whether you’re planning a staycation or jetting off for sunnier climes, one thing’s for certain, you’ll have to find a way of keeping the kids entertained on the journey. There’s no worse start to a holiday than trying to keep a fractious child happy and quiet for a few hours in a confined space. . . . → Read More: Are We There Yet?

Play The Giddy Goat

Giddy Goats Toys Shop, Didsbury, Manchester

Giddy Goat Toys shop offers a discount on all toys, books, games for M&D readers, both in store and online . . .
10% off!!
. . . → Read More: Play The Giddy Goat

Reader’s Offer from Giddy Goat

Mictoscooters ar Gidy Goat - 10% discount for Mums and Dads Readers

Giddy Goat Toys in Didsbury are offering “M&D” readers 10% off any model of Microscooter bought before 31st January 2012. . . . → Read More: Reader’s Offer from Giddy Goat

Scoot away into 2013!

Micsoscooter and Jamm Scoot Scooter

Scooting is in fashion among toddlers and their parents. And this Christmas you are spoiled for choice. . . . → Read More: Scoot away into 2013!