Our Summer 2015 Issue is Out

Summer 2015 Mums and Dads Family Magazine issueThe long summer holidays – they’re what we wait for all year; they’re what we fear all year… and the closer we get to the last day of school, the more we feel worried. How to entertain our offspring for all those lengthy days in July and August? And how to afford adequate childcare for our precious darlings, while we’re still at work?

Well, here’s our answer for the first question! Enter M&D competition here, keep your fingers firmly crossed, and you may win five weeks of FREE CHILDCARE worth more than £500. As to the second one – when, where and how to entertain our children (mainly) and ourselves (just a bit) – there is plenty of information to be found throughout the magazine and on the website, including expert opinions on staycations and summer learning in the ‘wilderness’ of the real world.

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