Winter wonderland – how do we cope?

SnowFun1_DSC05374“It is snowing again,” I said, thinking about getting to school and to work in time. “It is snowing!!!” Echoed my children pressing their noses to the window and imagining snowball fighting, making snowmen, sleighing, doing snow angels…  Shall I just join their activities on the white streets of Cheshire and forget about this dull, adult attitude to winter weather? In fact, if their school is going to be closed, enjoying the snow will be the only thing to do.



SnowFun3_DSC05388Did you have  snow in your area? What snow games your children enjoy most? Was your school closed?  Tell us your story. Send your pictures through the form or add a link to your picture if it is already on line.

2 comments to Winter wonderland – how do we cope?

  • Jackie

    Snow? What snow? It’s raining here and quite warm. We quickly modified our games and went from snow balls to puddle splashes. There are games for all types of weather!

  • Zoe

    Big snowflakes like tiny helicopters landing on the grass. My daughter is singing “I’m dreaming of a white Easter” Can we have summer please

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