Reader’s Review: School Shoes – Party Shoes

The Paige school shoes by Chipmunks arrived promptly, and my daughter was happy with how they looked and keen to try them on. She particularly liked the pretty butterfly detail as well as the red and white Chipmunks logo on the side of each shoe, stating that she could wear it with her party dresses as well as to school.

A girl with Chipmunks Paige school shoes

First impressions are very positive – the shoes have a flexible, non-slip sole, seem supportive around the ankles and have soft leather all around. They are well cushioned and my daughter reports that they feel comfortable to wear. Nice, sturdy design to suit an active child. I am not a fan of glossy footwear so I was pleased to see that these are on the matte side but still have a bit of a shine to them which adds a girly touch. The shoes are a size 9 but I would say they are a bit on the larger side compared to other manufacturers. The velcro / rip tape fastening appears sturdy and is easy for a 5 year old to fasten by herself. These shoes are very wide fitting. We both noticed that there is plenty of space left either side of my daughter’s toes. I feel that such a wide front part of the shoes is not required for my daughter but it would no doubt suit a child with wider feet. My daughter says that the shoes do not cut in at the heel or across the top. She has mentioned that there is extra space around her toes because of the wide fit. I hope it will not cause discomfort with prolonged wear. These shoes have not scuffed after few days and look like new so far. I like the light coloured inner lining as it should not discolour white socks. The leather feels quite thick so hopefully these shoes will keep little feet warm in colder/winter weather. So overall we are pleased with Paige by Chipmunks and hope that the shoes can withstand the test of time.

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  • Natasha Gandy

    Will have a look at this page – always seem to need school shoes and some well priced, pretty, long lasting ones would be so much easier. Thank you x

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