Big step for little feet

Enjoy-a-Ball | Boy and Girl with a ballJanuary 2014 sees some exciting changes for South Manchester’s Physi and Enjoy-a-Ballers.

The older children at Physi-Ball, who will be starting reception in 2015, will move on to join Enjoy-a-Ball. Their skills have developed so well that they are ready for the new challenges that will eventually take them into sport. ‘This is a big step for the children as they become more independent and can try new activities that they’ve never done before.’ Say’s Sam from Enjoy-a-Ball.

Enjoy-a-Ball | kids at the classCaroline who coach’s the Physi-Ball classes says, ‘It makes me very proud that the children have developed so quickly and are ready for bigger challenges! I’m also excited to meet the new Physi-Ballers who will be starting the class for the 1st time.’

If you’d like your child to try Physi-Ball or Enjoy-a-Ball feel free to get in touch with Sam: 07973 886783

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