The summer edition of M&D is out!

Mums and Dads Family Magazine Cover, Summer 2013With all the usual listings for summer camps and holiday activities, with articles you’d love to read and information you can’t afford to be without.

Have you considered the costs of private education from nursery to university for just one child and how it may affect your life?  Do you know how it feels to be an American dad in Britain? Are you ready to handle the “Are we there yet?” question as part of your coming holiday? For all this and much more, please browse through our website or look through the hot-off-the-press copy of M&D Magazine.

If you don’t get the magazine from your school, nursery or playgroup, pick it up at the usual spots – local libraries, surgeries, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose etc.  If you are still struggling, contact us and we will be able to advise you on the nearest distribution point. And if you want a 100% hassle-free service, let us know – subscription is also available.

Have a lovely summer!

3 comments to The summer edition of M&D is out!

  • Kati Sharpe

    I’m the proud “Mema” in ‘American Dad.’ While Brandon is sending me a copy of the June edition of your wonderful magazine, we have other proud-of-Brandon family members who would love copies of this as well. Is it possible to purchase multiples of this particular edition? Also, what is the cost of a yearly subscription? Thank you very much! I have Always loved reading Brandon’s creations and can’t Wait to read this one – he’s kept me in suspense!

  • We do not do subscriptions on regular basis because our readers could pick up the copy for free at various locations. I think you should discuss it directly with the editor. I’ll pass the message and she will contact you shortly.

  • editor

    For those who can’t get a free copy of the magazine in their neighbourhood or would like it to be delivered directly to their homes, subscription is available for £12 per year in the UK, £21 per year in Europe and £25 per year in the USA.
    Please email to for payment details

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