And many more of them!

Happy 10th Anniversary, Mums&Dads Family MagazineWe are very proud to announce the 10 year anniversary of Mums & Dads Magazine!

Babies and toddlers whose parents picked up the very first edition are teenagers now; those, who were in their last years of primary school, may be starting their own families. We hope that M&D played some part in helping its first readers through the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Thanks to you all and keep reading!

We are grateful to all our advertisers and distributors for their support. You can still get the magazine from the places where it first appeared in summer 2003. Many of the advertisers who put their trust in the unknown publication ten years ago, are still promoting their businesses with us. We must be doing something right, but without you we just would not be here!

10 years is an achievement to celebrate, so wherever you are and whenever you can, please charge your glasses and raise a toast to M&D, and to the health and happiness of us all!

Have a lovely summer!

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